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Filtered Lights


We are currently removing all densities and blocks to become pure channels of light as the guardians of earth that we are. So we can breath the cosmic breath for mother earth like never before.

We are zero-pointing the false narratives of good and evil, erasing  shame, guilt and fear. We are creating a clean slate, a new script, a new Akashic for this new world. To meet in the unified state of lovelight in the timespace continuum we call 5D. Earth is paradise life, it is the miracle of miracles planet in the omniverse. 


Your healing, your clearing is key to all of this. 


As the Ishtar Christos, and a member of the Council of 9 collective, I am here to support your process of crystallisation as the diamond key that you are.


What does that mean? 

Activating our full divine Self as cosmic beings can push a lot of experiences to the surface that we had densified for thousands of life times and throughout many dimensions. This can be physically uncomfortable. It can create heart pain, seizures, depression and other aches and emotions. 


In a session, as a healer, a teacher and an alchemist, I am there to

  • read your fields to see what processes you sit in, what are you working on to innerstand as an incarnate light being, what are you trying to override?

  • I read your data, soul journey and Akashics to see what drives you and who is around you working with you

  • I release densities wherever I find them so your light can optimally move through you.

  • I activate your creator consciousness so you optimally use your free will purpose to manifest life your way. What is your deep dream? Your heart purpose for this world, your joy?

I work with children and adults worldwide to help them light up their quantum into its sovereign octave of creation so they can impact life as conscious leaders. I read and apply divine geometry, harmonize bio-genetic lines in the earth grid and remove vast sheets of distorted fields of energy to help bring about world peace. For evolutionary education please go to the Cosmic School,

--Lillian, Ishtar Christos, the first light, mother of multitudes, alchemist and teacher


"From her own enlightened state and partnering with high-level Creator Beings, she heals frequencies in the micro of the individual as well as the macro of the planet with to me unmatched mastery," Alicia, New Zealand.

"Lillian pulled things out of me I did not even know they were there. Her reading of my soul data was leaving me in awe. So much became clear and I felt so shifted just by being with her, I felt loved and safe," Lina, Sweden. 

"I was sent to Lillian by my wife who felt that I appeared unhealthy and isolated to her since I had taken the pandemic injections. Lillian used etheric crystals, emerald and pine frequencies to revers these effects and clear mucus from my energy centers and lungs. She cleared and brought my chakras up to optimal, clockwise spin and re-activated a lot of crystalline frequencies, oxygen and minerals in my blood and cells. I feel myself again, I feel everything again and I am so much less stressed. It's a miracle." Peter, USA



Meet yourself now.

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